It’s My Blog… I’ll Post What I Want To…

For all the people that couldn’t read it before I changed the color for you. As for the people who said anything about my pictures being everywhere it’s my blog so I can customize it any way I want. And its my perspective of how people should try getting to know a person before judging them. I’ve honestly seen too many incidents where people weren’t given a chance because others chose to look at their appearance before getting too know them as a person. I posted pictures of myself because honestly I struggled with the same situation. And seriously what does me posting pictures of myself have to do with my post? Its my blog and I don’t mind the critiquing but honestly if you didn’t like it then you didn’t have say so or if you feel differently then make your blog about your opinion. Its a motivational blog so all I was basically saying was don’t judge a book by its cover and that people should love themselves no matter what others think. Thank you all though.


4 thoughts on “It’s My Blog… I’ll Post What I Want To…

  1. Hey, Candace, I did not see your blog before you made the changes so I can’t speak to that. I do LOVE this color though. I think I need to take a page out of your book and have a little more confidence in myself. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Kandace. I like the bold color you chose, it’s reflective of your content. Please note that not all criticism is bad. For me, it was a matter of not being able to read your content, due to the font color blending into the background image. As far as what you write, it is your blog. You choose the delivery of your content and it’s sure to help others. Thank you for allowing me to be able to grasp what your blog is about:empowering others to see their beauty, beyond what is skin deep.

  3. Hi Kandace, Please take it as a compliment that someone has asked if you could tweak your blog so that they can read it easier πŸ™‚ You sound young, and maybe have better eyesight than some of us, who struggle to read some blogs. you are absolutely right when you say that it is your blog, but we are all trying to expend our followers aren’t we? Blessings Joy

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