Most people can go on and on about their interpretation of beauty. But they can’t go into depth because they choose to only look so far. Someone who may not be appealing on the outside to most may have the kindest heart or best personality. Looking good on the outside doesn’t define a person. Beauty to me is being nice to those who look good on the outside or not. And being able to look beyond the skin.

Everyone is unique in their very own way. But they are afraid to be themselves because they will be judged by people who don’t know what true beauty is. And for those of you who are quick to judge a book by its cover should take a look on the inside of yourselves and do some self reevaluation. Because if you have an ugly personality then someone who isn’t so hot on the outside to you may have a better chance at most things than you do. No one should be shallow because judging someone is the ugliest thing in the world. Everyone of you is beautiful!


What is Beauty?